About Us-Line’s Dance Studio


Welcome to Line’s Dance Studio where our goal is to make it easy for everyone to learn how to dance. Regardless of age or dance experience if you have the desire to learn, we can teach you to dance!

Line’s Dance Studio is home to Brandon Ayala, Benny Ayala, Citlali Alvarez, Los Peques de la Salsa, and Mambo Re-Born. These dancers are currently performing all around the country.

Most recently 13 year old Brandon Ayala placed 1st at the 2013 World Latin Dance Cup in two different divisions.

Line’s Dance Studio is also home to Benny Ayala, the accomplished 20 year old, who is also one of the salsa instructors, finished 6th in the 2012 World Latin Dance Cup.

Because of their recent accomplishments, many of these dancers are becoming well known in the salsa community around the world. These achievements makes Lines Dance Studio the only dance studio in all the Portland area with a top 10 finish in Salsa’s biggest competition. A big accomplishment for being open less than a decade. These young dancers and their instructors are putting Portland on the map!


the teaching philosophy

The studio philosophy, named after the Creative Director’s nick nameasdf (pronounced Lee-neh) is best voiced in Ana’s own words…

“At Lines Dance Studio, it is our goal to teach the correct fundamentals of dance to everyone in our community. We believe if you have a correct foundation then everything else flows perfectly. We don’t teach or expect our students to duplicate our style. Instead, we teach our students that each of them have their own natural essence, which they are encouraged to discover. Most importantly, we encourage our students to enjoy themselves. After all, salsa is about having a good time.”

We offer classes for beginners to advanced, from Salsa to Cumbia Sonidera and Bachata. Why not give Line’s Dance Studio a try? Check out our new student discount tab and join us. We’ll be happy to see you! If you have any questions please call Anita at 503-547-4872. Warm, friendly, patient and ready to get you dancing!

Our facility is 1600 square feet, holds 75 people and it has 2 dance floors! Our dance facility is like the people that use it. It is warm and friendly and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Join us for a dance class!